Celebrating 100 years of
York County beekeeping


Celebrating 100 years of
York County beekeeping

List of Local Swarm Collectors

bee dot 1Local Honey Bee Swarm Collectors

A swarm is a cluster of bees usually hanging on a tree or structure exposed to the elements and can be collected into a hive and removed quickly.  If you discover a swarm of bees on your property, please call a local beekeeper to remove them. An average swarm of bees can contain between 6,000-12,000 bees. Usually the swarming bees are docile at this stage. By having a beekeeper remove these bees you are helping the environment by allowing another colony of nature's pollinators to go back to work pollinating crops and creating honey.

Bees that are established inside a tree or structure are much more difficult to remove and may require cutting into the structure, removing bees and comb and then repairs after the bees are removed. Situations like this are referred to as cutouts.  Most cutouts will have a cost involved depending on where the bees are located and what it will take to remove them.

Our Swarm Collector List is divided into four sections based on where you are in relation to I-83 and Route 30.  Click on the section where the swarm is located to see a list of beekeepers interested in recovering swarms of bees within a ten-mile radius.  Longer distances may be considered on a case by case basis.  If a member is not available, please contact another beekeeper on the list. 

If the bees should fly away, please notify the beekeeper you contacted as soon as possible.  Thank you for reaching out to a beekeeper and helping the bees.  


North of Route 30 and East of I-83

North of Route 30 and West of I-83

South of Route 30 and East of I-83 

South of Route 30 and West of I-83

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