Celebrating 100 years of
York County beekeeping


Celebrating 100 years of
York County beekeeping


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President - Nathan Pears:  <<Bio Coming Soon!>>

Vice-President - Kathy Firestone:  <<Bio Coming Soon!>>

Treasurer - Erika Rodkey:   <<Bio Coming Soon!>>

Secretary - Lauren Strunk: <<Bio Coming Soon!>>


Librarian - Joyce Wilder:  Joyce followed her son, John, into beekeeping 8 years ago.  She keeps 3 hives and 6 chickens in the borough of New Cumberland.  (Yes, in Cumberland County!)  Having "Town" bees is an advantage, as there are a great variety of flowering plants always available.  As a retired educator, she enjoys giving power point talks to garden clubs, retirement homes, and civic organizations.  Her talks often include a honey extraction demo and always include popular honey tasting.  She enjoys gardening and reading.  Thus, being the club librarian is an assignment she greatly enjoys.  Donations of bee related books and magazines are welcomed.  

Email Correspondent - Nancy Nolton (a.k.a., Waggle Dancer):  A beekeeper since 2015, Nancy has acquired an immense enthusiasm for apiary increase which is contagious... so beware or you may find yourself with more bees than equipment!  Nancy enjoys sharing and compiling information included in our club emails and contributing to posts on the club’s Facebook page. Nancy is a believer in sustainable beekeeping and has not purchased additional bees since her first package and nuc and frequently has over 45 hives at peak season. She frequently overwinters anywhere from 9 to 32 hives successfully! If you ever have queen cells you don’t need give her a call! Mentoring and assisting others increase their knowledge of beekeeping is yet another passion.


Past Presidents - Chris Smith, Julia Kurtz, Jeremy Barnes, Coral Glosser, Gary Anderson


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