Celebrating 100 years of
York County beekeeping


Celebrating 100 years of
York County beekeeping


bee dot 1Association Officers

President-Gary Anderson:  Gary has been keeping honey bees for the last three seasons and currently maintains eight hives on his farm near Lake Redman.  As a hobby beekeeper Gary enjoys all aspects of beekeeping and his yearly goal is to have his bees alive and well in the Spring so he can continue to expand the apiary.  

Vice-President-Lauren Andersen:  No relation to Gary above!  Lauren finds herself shocked to have 10 colonies (she shouldn't bee - she knows Nancy, our email correspondent).  Lauren started beekeeping 4 bee-seasons ago with 2 nucs.  She thanks YCBA for her mentoring and training.  She has recently enjoyed learning to make splits and helping new beekeepers.  A garden lover, she's letting wildflowers and clover take over her lawn, and planting new bee-friendly trees.  When she isn't beekeeping, she enjoys her grandchildren, entertaining, and taking care of her farm in Stewartstown.     

Treasurer-Beatrice Walters:  Beatrice has been a member of YCBA for seven years and has been proficiently serving as the Association's Treasurer for the past two years.  She began her beekeeping hobby seven years ago at her Fairview Township home and manages five colonies and a nuc on her one acre property.  In 2017 she was awarded a conservation landscape grant by the Alliance Chesapeake Bay and planted a pollinator garden, which her bees (and butterflies) love!  She has extended her passion for bees and honey into making beeswax lotion bars, lip balms, candles, and soap.        

Secretary:  Currently open

Librarian-Joyce Wilder:  Joyce followed her son, John, into beekeeping 8 years ago.  She keeps 3 hives and 6 chickens in the borough of New Cumberland.  (Yes, in Cumberland County!)  Having "Town" bees is an advantage, as there are a great variety of flowering plants always available.  As a retired educator, she enjoys giving power point talks to garden clubs, retirement homes, and civic organizations.  Her talks often include a honey extraction demo and always include popular honey tasting.  She enjoys gardening and reading.  Thus, being the club librarian is an assignment she greatly enjoys.  Donations of bee related books and magazines are welcomed.  

Email Correspondent-Nancy Nolton (a.k.a., Waggle Dancer):  Although only a three year beekeeper, Nancy has acquired an immense enthusiasm for apiary increase which is contagious...so beware or you may find yourself with more bees than equipment after spending time with her!  Her Spring plans are to rear local queens in queen castles and to make splits/nuc to sell and pass forward from her nine hives.  She has been mentoring a new beekeeper and is preparing for her first cutouts in an abandoned farm house next next Spring - how cool is that!  Retirement allows her to indulge her passion for gardening - much appreciated by her bees and she welcomes visits to her apiary.  

Beekeeper 101 Instructors-Jeremy Barnes & Sam Albright: 

Jeremy is a retired educator who had been keeping, writing of and teaching about honey bees for more than 15 years.  York County's Beekeeper of the Year in 2012, and Pennsylvania's Beekeeper of the Year in 2017, he is unashamedly addicted to `the girls' who, he believes, chose him as much as he chose them.  

The beginning of Windy Hill Apiaries began in 2013 when Sam and his wife Barb purchased two nucs from the Jarrod's in Dover.  With the survival of thos nucs and additions of VSH queens, the apiary has continued to grow over the last four years.  Going into this Winter of 2017 they have a total of 10 hives.  Four of those hives are located at Heartwood Nursery where Sam has lead several beginner beekeeper seminars.  Sam taught the YCBA Beginner Beekeeping Class in 2017 and will work along side Jeremy Barnes in offering the Beekeeping 101 classes for 2018.

Past Presidents- Julia Kurtz, Jeremy Barnes, Coral Glosser  


bee dot 1Assocation Bylaws

Download a pdf copy of the York County Beekeepers Assocation Bylaws.


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Message coming soon from Gary Anderson our new 2018 President.

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