Local Honey for Sale

David Yale (Peach Bottom, PA)
phone: (717) 456-7162

Meadow Song Apiary (Seven Valleys, PA)
phone: (717) 428-1144

Eugene Hoover (East Manchester, PA)
phone: (717) 266-2644

Bob Yeager (Emigsville, PA)
email: woolyworm1953@aol.com

Bald Hills Apiary (Dover, PA)
phone: (717)292-2858
email: Baldhillsapiary@comcast.net

Bea Walters (Lewisberry, PA)
phone: (717)795-0912
email: philvid@verizon.net

Carol Owen (New Oxford, PA)
phone: (717)419-8050
email: carolowen618@gmail.com

Hal Mack (Hanover, PA)
website: Dawg Gone Bees Honey & Gifts

Irvin Martin (Carlisle, PA)
phone: (717)776-0244

Isaac Zook (Paradise, PA)
phone: (717)806-0193
website: Forest Hill Woodworking

Mark Gingrich (Dover, PA)
phone: (717)292-1249
email: mgingrich@gingrichapiaries.com
website: Gingrich Apiaries

Local Beeswax for Sale

Mike Kliendinst
phone: 717-324-0825

Mark Gingrich (Dover, PA)
phone: (717)292-1249
email: mgingrich@gingrichapiaries.com
website: Gingrich Apiaries

Bees, Queens, Nucs, and Equipment Suppliers

Bjorn Apiaries in Dillsburg, PA.

Log Cabin Bee Farm in Hellam, PA.

Nelson Brenneman (Spring Grove, PA)
phone: (717) 225-3076
New wood ware, frames, foundation, and equipment for local pickup. Call for availability and prices

Snyder's Apiaries in White hall, MD

Dawg Gone Bees in Hanover, PA
Contact Hal Mack at hal.j.mack@gmail.com.

Gingrich Apiaries in Dover, PA

HipBees Bees and Honey in Dallastown, PA

Beam's Bees in New Freedom, PA

Thomas Ensminger (Red Lion, PA)
phone: (717) 424-3356
2017 Nuc Prices: $140 with replacement frames, $150 without

Bee Sweet Bees in Hallam, PA
phone: (717) 693-5522
Contact Jessie Hollinger at jesse@besweetbees.com

More Honey Bee Package Suppliers

Local Bee Sites

Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association

Lancaster County Beekeepers Society

Capital Area Beekeepers' Assocation

Maryland State Beekeepers' Assocation

Pennsylvania Backyard Beekeepers Assocation

Other Bee Sites and Resources

York County- Buy Fresh Buy Local

Best Management Practices updated 6/25/13

Penn State Mid-Atlantic Apiculture Research and Extension Consortium

PA Queen Bee Improvement Program contact Mark Gingrich, co-chair, for more information

American Beekeeping Federation

American Honey Producers Association

National Honey Board

American Bee Journal

Bee Culture- The Magazine of American Beekeeping

Bee Web Cam- Draper's Super Bee Apiaries of Millerton, PA

Bee Source

Bee Master Forum

Honey Recipes

A Guide to Bees Site

Youtube- Instructional Video on How to Install a Bee Package

A Guide to Beekeeping from Flowers to Harvesting

Bee Law

Native flowers that are highly beneficial to the Honey Bee

Honey Bee Trivia

Identifying the Honey Bee

Swarm Facts

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